Willkommen & Welcome to 
XIII. int. low & no budget film-sharing

Kurzfilmfestival/ short-film festival 2016  


XIII th. film sharing international 
low & no budget short film festival tour 2016


The film sharing festival is an unique, alternative, independent film festival with a programme and open screenings. All entries, under the stipulated 15 minutes, will be screened providing an opportunity for the interested public beyond the internet. 


The Festival will take place in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Mainz, Schwäbisch Hall and, later on tour, in selected independent cinemas and other locations.


Deadline for films is the 
1. th of April 2016!
You can send your films 
online or as dvd!


           XIII.  internationales low & no budget 
          film-sharing Kurzfilmfestival & Tour 2016

HauptgrafikDas einzigartige unabhängige Subkultur-Kurzfilmfestival mit Festivalprogramm und Open Screenings. Natürlich sichten wir alle Einreichungen bis 15 Minuten und zeigen eine große Menge schon vor dem Festival öffentlich bei den Open Screenings, wo das Publikum mit abstimmen kann, welcher Film nacher ins Festivalprogramm kommt. Somit erreichen wir interessierte Kurzfilmliebhaber jenseits des Internets. 
Das Festival wird in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Mainz, Schwäbisch Hall und später auf Tour in echten Programmkinos oder alternativen Locations laufen.

Bis zum 1. April 2016 können Kurzfilme eingereicht werden.

Die Filme können online oder als dvd eingereicht werden!


Twelve successful years of the 'International Low & No Budget Short Film Sharing Festival' has inspired us to continue despite the disheartening of the cultural institutions. Budgets for culture and the arts are being cut or axed. However, humour is when, in the face of adversity, you can still laugh! This year, we will defy commercialism and capitalism and raise up our ‘Low and No Budget Film Festival’ with the opening in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Schwäbisch Hall and Mainz. Moreover, we will continue to offer the ever increasingly popular internet forums, which publishes the un-filtered short films, as an antidote [AA antithesis, counter platform]. We will be showing the submitted films on the big screen to the interested public who can discuss and talk together before, during and after the films. We will be showing the Film Festival Programme at selected cinemas. The festival is a non-profit endeavour and a large part of the entrance tickets will remain with the cinema operators to cover their costs.

We will show all short films under 15 minutes and we look forward to receiving new productions as much as older short films or even youthful follies or transgressions! The audience itself decides at the open screenings in April and May which films will be included and shown in the July Festival Programme. All film makers, whose film is shown, will receive the golden "film-sharing Oscar 2016", programme brochures and the Film Festival 2016 sticker.

  Some films of the last year you can watch on on facebook

Films can be submitted until 1. th of April 2016