the Festival starts
24. & 25 july in Stuttgart and 31. july in heilbronn
The official selection 2015! Congratulations!

 Willkommen & Welcome to
XII. int. low & no budget film-sharing
Kurzfilmfestival/ short-film festival


Dear Friends,

the int. low & no budget film-sharing festival 2015 starts now on

24. & 25. july in Stuttgart/ Merlin open air and indoor at 9 p.m.
31. july in Heilbronn/club mobilat open air and indoor at 9.p.m.


Hi friends and film makers,
our notification date for your filmsubmits has passed.

This year we have got more than 3000 ! international short films!
From the plattform "", we have got about 1800 films
From the plattform "Click for festivals" 300 films
From other filmfestivalplattforms 400 more and
per E-Mail about 500-600 films

So please keep clam! We are!
It needs time to screen all the films - and don't forget, we are low & no budget. Nobody of the film-sharing festival organisators get money for this. So we have to go to our normal jobs and in the eveninge we watch your films, and on every weekend, we watch your  films. We have no longer a privat live! We do our best... and when we are ready, we write all ofyou a Mail and you can see the results on this website. O.K. Thank  you for your comprehension!

Liebe Freunde und Filmemmacher,
die Einreichfrist für unser Festival 2015 ist vorbei.
Wir haben dieses Jahr mehr als 3000 Kurzfilme eingereicht bekommen.
Von Festivalplattformen wie "" an die 1800 Filme, von "Click for Festivals" 300, anden Plattformen insgesammt an die 400 Filme und per E-Mail Ainreichungen und DVDs etwa 600 weitere Kurzfilme.

Bleibt also bitte ruhig! Wir sind es!
Es braucht einfach Zeit bis wir alle Filme gesichtet haben und vergesset nicht, wir sind ein unabhängiges no budget festival. Niemand hier verdient Geld damit, deswegen machen wir tagsüber unseren täglichen Jobs  und verbringen die Nächte und unsere Wochenenden damit eure Filme anzuschauen. Ein Privatleben haben wir nicht mehr.
Wenn wir mit Sichten fertig sind, schreiben wir euch eine E-Mail und veröffentlichen unsere Ergebnisse auf dieser Websiet.
Danke für eurer Verständnis.

Nominated for the 12th int. low & no budget film-sharing festival are these films

Nominated for the Open Screenings

of the int. low & no budegt film-sharing Festival 2015


Official Selection for the 12 th int. low & no budget film-sharing Festival 2015,
 after the Open Screenings 2015
The RED marked films


Short films / Animationen:

A musical lifetime story    United States/France 2014    LE GAL ERWAN

Animals   Germany   bei SUSANNE ARNOLD

BAH !    Argentina2015   DAMIAN YAPURA

Bear Story.... Chile 2014  Antonia Herrera

chicken cube    Germany 2014  RENATE POMMERENING & ANNA PENKNER

Frenemy   Germany2014     VERA LALYKO

la bruxa       Spain 2011   PEDRO SOLÍS GARCÍA

la trompeta     Spain 2014   ANDRES NIEVEs ( Digital 104)

la valse mechanique   Belgium/France 2015  DYKMANS JULIEN

Mute   Netherlands 2013  JOB, JORIS & MARIEKE JOB, JORIS & MARIEKE

Yaseen    Syriana 2014   Hussam Wahab

Quagga    Russia 2014     Tatiana & Olga Poliektova

cinaema dehors  Italie 2014   Tatiana Poliektova & Filippo Rivetti

Passionpanther   Hungary 2014   Anna Katalin Lovrity

PAWO    Germany 2014    Antje Heyn ( aug & ohr media)

Pig    Steven Subotnik

seriously deadly silence     Denmark 2015   SARA KOPPEL

sry bsy      Germany 2014           Vernea Westphal

The sound of crickets      Switzerland2014    JUSTINE KLAIBER

Zepo    Spain 2014   CÉSAR DÍAZ MELÉNDEZ

Ernst im Herbst    Germany 2012    Marcus Sauermann

Short films/ Kurzfilme Duration > 5 min:


28 Precent Pure   Iran 2015   Shahin Nezhad

Ad REM      Poland 2014      Bartosz Kruhlik

Brigade deCuisine   Mexico2014   JAVIER ARCELUS CANO

Buones Aires Arlequin  Argentina 2015    DIEGO CAGIDE

Corazone     Germany 2014    Lisa Zielke

Counsellor        Australia 2014    Venetia Tayler

Depasser les bornes   Anthony Cajan

Devil May Care     Germany 2014  Volker Heymann ( augundor media)

Golden Cave Catfisch   Germany   by Dominik Hohl

Gutty     Poland 2013  Sajad Moosavi

In passing      Canada/United States 2013  ALAN MILLER

JJ   Germany 2014   Clemens Helmchen

Keep Smiling    France 2013 Jean-Luc Julien

Libertad    Rafael Remache

Mit besten Grüßen    Germany 2014    Bernhard Wenger

Mite   Germany 2013    WALTER VOLBERS

Tiny Sydney     Italie 2014     Filippo Rivetti

Not funny    Germany 2014

Oh my     Germany 2014   Clemens Helmchen

Piel Canela     Spain  2014   ALEJANDRO DE VEGA DE UNCETA

Princess strikes back  Germany/UK 2014 DAVE LOJEK & KEELEY KNIGHT

Re Place       Germany 2015    Sven Windszus

Salt Rant       Turkey 2015  HASAN KİLİC

Terrarium     Germany 2014   BENJAMIN ROST

Vomitas  Spain 2013  Javier Figuero

Wasted Night   France/GB 2014  Joseph Catté

Delicatessen  Spain 2015   FRAN MENCHÓN & SHEILA RODRIGUEZ

Time 2 split    France 2014  Fabrice Bracq

Station    Iran 2014  Azar Mansoori

The chalk circle    Iran 2014   bahar kiamoghaddam, soheil seraji, amin djavadi,

Brothers  United Kingdom 2014   ALEKSANDRA CZENCZEK

Moments  France 2014   Jean-Luc Julien

Exit koma      Austria 2014    by david hofer

Lara      Spain 2015    IVÁN RUIZ FLORES

Unten durch   Germany 2014    Friedrich Tiedtk


Short films / Kurzfilme Duration  5 – 10 min


Don Miguel  Spain 2013    Eriz Alberdi, Joseba Apaolaza

Ca va rentrer  France 2014   LEVACHER PIERRE-LOUIS

C-Date   Germany 2015    Manuel Renken

Dad and Mum     France 2014  Fabrice Bracq

El Calipo  Spain 2013   FRAN MENCHON

Forever young   Croatien 2013  David Bagaric

Hermanns Glück    Germany 2015    Lisa Zielke

Rulis in love     Lithuania 2015    ARUNAS EIMULIS

Recyclable Plastic   Spain 2014    Pablo R. Montenegro

Schmidts Katze   Germany 2013    Felix Knoche

Spasst schon    Germany 2014   Chris Brandl

Warum wir hier sind    Germany 2014  Jeanette Karstaedt

Mend and make    United Kingdom 2014     BEXIE BUSH

Mondscheinsonate    Germany 2014    Lisa Zielke

Prime time socializer  Germany 2013   Daniel Bernhardt

Gummifaust     Germany 2013     Mark Steck

Ausstieg rechts    Germany 2014    Rupert Höller & Bernhard Wenger


Short films / Kurzfilme Duration < über 10 min


The jackpot    Germany 2014  Malte Wirtz

Maskenball   Germany 2013   Samuel Michalzik

A l’amiable   France 2014    Remy Cayuela

On a drive    Germany 2014   Thomas Scherer

Theatro     Spain   2015 IVÁN RUIZ FLORES

Soroa   Spain 2013  Asier Altuna

Wir könnten, wir sollten, wir...  Germany 2013   David M. Lorenz

A Pequena Vendedora... Brazil 2014 KYOKO YAMASHITA

Plake stil    Iran 2014  ZANYAR AZIZI


XII th. film sharing international

low & no budget short film festival tour 2015

The Film Sharing Festival is an unique, alternative, independent film festival with a programme and open screenings. All entries, under the stipulated 15 minutes, will be screened providing an opportunity for the interested public beyond the internet.

The Festival will take place in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Mainz, Schwäbisch Hall and, later on tour, in selected independent cinemas and other locations.

Deadline for films is the
1. th of April 2015!
You can send your films online or as DVD!

                       XII.  internationales low & no budget
                      film-sharing Kurzfilmfestival & Tour 2015

Das einzigartige unabhängige Subkultur-Kurzfilmfestival mit Festivalprogramm und Open Screenings. Natürlich sichten wir alle Einreichungen bis 15 Minuten und zeigen eine große Menge schon vor dem Festival öffentlich bei den Open Screenings, wo das Publikum mit abstimmen kann, welcher Film nacher ins Festivalprogramm kommt. Somit erreichen wir interessierte Kurzfilmliebhaber jenseits des Internets.

Das Festival wird in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Mainz, Schwäbisch Hall und später auf Tour in echten Programmkinos oder alternativen Locations laufen.

Bis zum 1. April 2015 können Kurzfilme eingereicht werden.

Die Filme können online oder als DVD eingereicht werden!


Eleven successful years of the 'International Low & No Budget Short Film Sharing Festival' has inspired us to continue despite the disheartening of the cultural institutions. Budgets for culture and the arts are being cut or axed. However, humour is when, in the face of adversity, you can still laugh! This year, we will defy commercialism and capitalism and raise up our ‘Low and No Budget Film Festival’ with the opening in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Schwäbisch Hall and Mainz. Moreover, we will continue to offer the ever increasingly popular internet forums, which publishes the un-filtered short films, as an antidote [AA antithesis, counter platform]. We will be showing the submitted films on the big screen to the interested public who can discuss and talk together before, during and after the films. We will be showing the Film Festival Programme at selected cinemas. The festival is a non-profit endeavour and a large part of the entrance tickets will remain with the cinema operators to cover their costs.

We will show all short films under 15 minutes and we look forward to receiving new productions as much as older short films or even youthful follies or transgressions! The audience itself decides at the open screenings in April and May which films will be included and shown in the July Festival Programme. All film makers, whose film is shown, will receive the golden "film-sharing Oscar 2015", programme brochures and the Film Festival 2015 sticker.

             Some films of the last year you can watch on on facebook

          Films can be submitted until 1. th of April 2015